Pat The Dog Theatre Creation | Heels on the Diving Board
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Heels on the Diving Board


A curated series of first-look theatre performances created by fierce and beautiful women who live and work in Southwestern ON.  Presented on consecutive Women Crush Wednesdays at the Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery.

All shows 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Tickets $20 at the door.


October 10: HOPE OP by Kristin Shepherd
November 7: WE RAN WILD by Deanna Kruger
November 21: QUEER SPAWN by Kira Meyers-Guiden
December 5: LADIES OF THE CNR by the CNR Ladies Collective
December 12: WHITE WEDDING by Taylor Graham
December 19: SONGWRITERS ROUNDTABLE with Julia Appleton
TBD: TEA & TALES with the Coalition of Muslim Women of Kitchener-Waterloo


Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery
101 Queen St. N., Kitchener, ON



Announcing Heels on The Diving Board: A Theatre Series Dedicated to Women’s Stories


Pat the Dog Theatre Creation is pleased to announce a theatre series dedicated to stories created by women. A first for Waterloo Region, Heels on the Diving Board is a curated series of first-look theatre performances created by fierce women who live and work in our Region. The series debuts October 10 and runs alternative Wednesday’s ending December 19. All events will be held at the Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery.


“Representation matters,” said Artistic Director Lisa O’Connell when asked why a series dedicated to women storytellers is critical. “Women receive far fewer professional productions, despite the fact that they make up more than half the graduates of professional theatre programs.”


The Playwrights Guild of Canada’s Annual Theatre Production Survey (2017-18) stated that of 961 productions in the 2017/18 season, 60% were written by men, 30% by women, and 9% by mixed gender partnerships. “Less work produced by women means less jobs not only for writers but also for actors as there is a corresponding relationship between women playwrights and roles for women actors,” stated O’Connell. “Our stories are vital, delightful and need to be heard. Heels is one way we intend to make a difference.”

If you can only make one action to make one change that has the power to change lives it is this: Invest in Women’s Organizations. They are amongst the most underfunded orgs in the non-profits in Canada. This is the single most effective means to build public policy for women in Canada.

~ Kate McInturff, author The Best and Worst Places to be a Woman in Canada, Federal Standing Committee on Finance, Ottawa, 2017.



Kate McInturff was a tireless feminist activist, researcher, media spokesperson and advocate, who dedicated her career to fighting the “stupidities wrought by sexism, racism and misogyny.” Kate’s work in the areas of women’s rights, pay equity, feminist economics and government accountability, among others, was always timely, informative and often very funny. She expertly shifted from relatable media pundit to feminist compatriot to policy advocate—passionately testifying to decision-makers about the economic policies that would lift women out of low incomes, narrow the wage gap and address gender-based violence. Kate’s annual report, “The Best and Worst Places to be a Woman in Canada,” (The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives) received broad media coverage in national and local news for four years running, with hundreds of media stories covering the report’s ranking of gender equality across Canada’s largest cities. The report serves as an important reminder that progress on gender equality may be slow—painfully slow at times—but it is absolutely within reach.


Heels on the Diving Board is our commitment to continuing McIntruff’s work, giving voice to women’s stories in Southwestern ON. Stories about Women’s anger, women’s’ strength, normal women day-to-day and those exceptional circumstances that show us the stuff that we are made of. Fairy tales, fancies and freakin’ frustrations. Us. Plain and simple. On the diving board.


Representation matters. Voice is everything. Because we’re here.