Pat The Dog Theatre Creation | Services
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What we do for you

Pat the Dog offers a variety of script development programs, tailored to the member’s needs — from cold readings to intensive workshops complete with actors, directors and dramaturg.
To be eligible for these programs you must be an Ontario playwright with a current membership with Pat the Dog.
Our playwright development programs include:
One-to-One Dramaturgy provides playwrights with feedback on their scripts. Dramaturgy is the editorial process of analysis, assessment and inspiration for playwrights and their scripts. The process responds to the unique vision of each individual writer, the discipline of the theatre and the ability with which a playwright can communicate his/her ideas to the public.
Open Readings
Open Readings occur several times a year when members are invited to bring scripts or scenes to informal cold readings. Actors working with our in-house dramaturg give the playwright a chance to hear the words and then discuss what has been read.
In-House Readings
In-House Readings bring actors and directors into the process as a means of addressing the theatrical and practical demands of the stage. In-house readings provide playwrights the opportunity to hear their work amongst their colleagues in a rehearsal environment. After a reading of a script by professional actors, an intensive analysis takes place between dramaturg and playwright. In-house readings provide playwrights with input from a broad range of theatre artists on plays already well into the developmental process. Rather than a final assessment of the work, the reading is more often a valuable tool for hearing what lifts off the page and what does not, propelling the playwright into the next draft of the play.
In-House Workshops
In-house workshops, closed to the public may run for an afternoon or several days and provide the playwright with access to a director, dramaturg and actors so playwrights can see and hear the play as they work on it. At any time playwright members may submit a script, along with a workshop proposal, for consideration by the dramaturgical committee.
Public Workshops
Public Workshops work with the script, actors and playwright in-house with the goal of presenting a publicly staged reading. The goal is to permit the writer and dramaturg to assess how a script communicates to an audience. Public workshops take the basic idea of an in-house reading – a team of theatre artists working on a piece – prolong the time they work, and add yet another component, an audience. The playwright, actors, dramaturg and/or director work for four to six days, the actors and dramaturg providing input and the playwright creating new drafts and scene re-rewrites as the process progresses. Depending – once again upon the needs of the script, other team members, such as musicians, may be added.
Staged Readings
The text is presented in a staged reading for an audience – either an invited audience or the general public. Critical feedback is sometimes solicited after the reading in a directed question-and-answer period. An informal discussion with the dramaturg and playwright always follows. This process is generally programmed in the final stages of a script’s development, before a production draft is produced.
Production Dramaturgy
In some cases, production dramaturgy is provided, usually when a playwright and project are selected for a festival production. We also work with emerging producing companies in new play development.
To access these services you must be an Ontario playwright with a current membership with Pat the Dog. If you are unsure what your script needs, contact Lisa O’Connell for a chat.