Pat The Dog Theatre Creation | Staged Readings
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Staged Readings

Pakistani Sugar
by Brigitte Gall

Date: 5-7 PM May 9, 2017
Location: 130 Frood Road, Sudbury

$10 – Buy your tickets here

Pakistani Sugar is the darkly comedic re-telling of true events that took a white-trash-bingo-queen from Creeleman, Saskatchewan (population 101) to the small village of Chalk Pacheese, Pakistan. From Ignorance to awakening, it is a story that stumbles blindly toward a heart-wrenching decision in which a life hangs in the balance.

Capable of opening beer bottles with her teeth and completely ignorant about the world outside her door, eighteen year-old Brigitte Gall had never met a black person, believed that ‘the Jews killed Jesus’, and wasn’t aware that books were written in languages other than English. When this red neck from the bible-belt of Saskatchewan finds herself living and working in rural Pakistan, an odyssey of impossible transformation shoves, pinches, and gently reveals how the deepest sorrow can catapult us to heights we never thought we’d see.

Pakistani Sugar contains mature themes and language.

Brigitte Gall
Brigitte Gall is an award winning Performer, Writer, and Producer. She has completed 52 episodes of the Gemini nominated design and renovation television series Me, My House and I, and 52 episodes of the travel/lifestyle show, The World’s Greatest Spas, covering 3 countries in 4 years (aired on W Network, Discovery Channel USA/Latin America, and in 85 other countries).

Gall is the proud owner of a Gemini award for her one woman show Joan of Montreal, a Gemini nod for her dramatic turn as a serial killer for the series Blue Murder, a Genie (Moving Day), a Golden Sheaf (Twisted Sheets), and Gold at the Houston Film and Television festival (Joan of Montreal).

She has been the Keynote Speaker and Guest Speaker for numerous fundraising galas and events sharing her experiences of growing up in the small farming community of Creelman, Saskatchewan to living in Toronto and Ottawa working as a female comic, performer, writer & producer.

When not working or writing, she can be found burning hotdogs over the campfire with her husband Michael and their two daughters on the banks of the Gull River in Minden Hills, Ontario.


Debwewin (Truth)
by Sarah Gartshore

Date: 5-7 PM May 11, 2017
Location: 130 Frood Road, Sudbury

$10 – Buy your tickets here

Debwewin (Truth) is a new work by Sarah Gartshore. The truth is that this land and it’s Indigenous people have a relationship that stretches back much further than the 150 years that many Canadians are celebrating in 2017. The truth is that Canada, as we know it, is at the beginning. The next short 150 years will be shaped, in part, by this time of truth telling as we navigate our way towards reconciliation. Debwewin is Gartshore’s humble offering to the rising collective Indigenous voice.

Sarah Gartshore
Sarah Gartshore is an emerging playwright from St. Joseph Island who lives in Sudbury. Sarah’s intention, as a playwright, is to offer a platform for voices from the margins. Her play Survivance has received dramaturgical support, a workshop and reading with Pat The Dog Theatre Creation. Survivance will be work-shopped in Stratford with Muriel Miguel, renowned playwright, director and founder of Spider Woman Theatre in New York. Survivance was performed during Shkagamik-Kwe’s National Aboriginal Day celebration at Sudbury Theatre Centre and an excerpt was performed at Native Earth Performing Arts in Toronto during their Weesageechak Begins To Dance Festival, as part of it’s Animikiig Creators offering. Sarah is currently writing ArmHer, a CCA funded, multi-year collaboration with Myths and Mirrors and community members with lived experience in sex work. Sarah is also developing POW!, a play for and about Aboriginal youth, funded by OAC’s Theatre Creators Reserve.



The SandCastle
by Eli Chilton

Date: 5-7 PM May 13, 2017
Location: 130 Frood Road, Sudbury

$10 – Buy your tickets here

Elsa and George Whitefeather are living out their golden years surrounded by family and friends in a tight knit community, in their small family home. The play takes place in a day where their lives unfold with routine and community happenstance, and it is a day where their lives will change forever. We find that Elsa has a unique gift in her world, however, her family are more and more convinced that with her elderly age she is possibly stricken with an undiagnosed illness. Can Elsa and George’s family save their parents in time before they are forgotten, or is Elsa a force of nature unknown by those closest to her?

Eli Chilton
Eli Chilton lives and works in the community of Moose Factory, with his wife and three children. He is currently working at the John R. Delaney Youth Centre, as a radio DJ/producer and youth worker. Along with being a dramatist with the completion of The SandCastle, he is a poet, who has poems published in the Poetry Institute of Canada’s national book competition. He is also an avid photographer, outdoorsman, and a qualified cook.