Pat The Dog Theatre Creation | Text + Tech
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Text + Tech

Text + Tech will improve and deepen the integration of technology into the fabric of Canadian playwrighting.


Text + Tech is a curated exploration of technology and theatre practice. With this project, Pat the Dog has partnered with The Games Institute at the University of Waterloo to design an incubator that will bring artists, academics and tech workers together to explore emerging methodologies for working at the intersection between text/story/writing and technology and the ways we think about that intersection.
Currently in the design phase, the project will explore questions about how the potential of integrating technologies into and narrative and performance based work and vice versa. Through our partnership with The Games Institutes, the project will feed and draw from the research of academics in the IMMERSE Network who are studying immersion and interactivity from the perspective of disciplines ranging from Engineering to English and many in between.

Based in the Tech Hub in Kitchener-Waterloo, we are linked into an extensive network of tech workers, and start-ups. By partnering with both business and academia, the design of the project will link artists to tech creators through workshops that will enable artists to be creating at the cutting edge of tech development and enable tech creators to think about the uses and markets of their products from different perspectives.

October 17, 2014 “How can dramatists integrate technology to enhance the meaning of a piece of theatre?” This is a question that Lisa O’Connell, Artistic Director of Pat the Dog Theatre Creation, hopes to answer with the Text+Tech Project. The only venture of it’s kind in......

From REAP Waterloo News March 22, 2013   What do you get if you mix technology and theatre, bringing together technology inventors and Canadian playwrights? First, you get the Tech + Tech event, hosted at Quarry Integrations at its Felt lab from March 8th to......