Pat The Dog Theatre Creation | Virtual Reality + Theatre
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Virtual Reality + Theatre

November 18, 2016 – Hosted by Pat the Dog Theatre Creation and The Games Institute


Text +Tech Virtual Theatres Event is an ongoing exploration of the challenges and possibilities of storytelling in Virtual Reality. The aim is to use theatre practice as a base to contribute to developing a storytelling language for the Virtual Reality form.




A 360°, immersive experience poses a number of problems, both technical and creative, for storytelling. The crux of the issue is essentially the question: How do we get the audience to care about what is going on?


Narrative is a meaning-making process. If a story is “An account of a series of events, facts, etc., given in order and with the establishing of connections between them,” then the art of storytelling is to arrange the pieces in front of an audience so that the connections make sense. The meaning, the feeling of significance, and the narrative payoffs emerge from interconnections between the elements and the layering of patterns over time. Virtual reality, it turns out, poses some unique problems for doing exactly this.


We invited a group to come together to explore these problems and how theatre tools and strategies can offer insights and solutions.


Our day was broken down into segments:
– Framing the problem: Challenges of Narrative in VR
– Introductions to the participants
– Excursion to CTRL-V VR arcade
– Lunch and conversation at GI
– VR lab: Exploring Aspect of Narrative using VR Tools
– Presentation of insights and closing conversation