After 24 non-top hours of typing, pacing, deleting and caffeinating, our participants are tired. But we have a winner.

Congratulations to Matthew Heiti of Sudbury for Receiver of Wreck.

Second place goes to  Evan Tsitsias of Mississauga for Back, while  J.E. Anderson of Ottawa placed third for The Gods and Calvin Brewer.

Wendy Philpott, one of our judges, calls Receiver of Wreck intriguing and says, “The language and staging potential is original, figurative and full of interesting allusion. It’s rough, but that bodes well for truly being a product of a 24-hour writing binge.”

The competition was stiff and the decision wasn’t easy. “The quality of submissions this year is stellar,” says Lisa O’Connell, Pat the Dog Playwright Centre’s Artistic Director. “It was truly to difficult to pick a winner.”

For his efforts Heiti wins:

  • $500
  • A public staged reading
  • A playwright Q&A published on our site

Tsitsias and Anderson will also receive a reading.

Photo © amandabhslater. Published under a Creative Commons License.