Workshop: Introduction to Theatre of the Oppressed

While actors will benefit immensely, actors are not the only people these techniques empower. This theatre training is for anyone seeking dynamic learning opportunities that will increase self awareness and confidence. This training de-mechanizes the body from repetitive and automatic action, liberates the mind from assumptive patterning, and frees the creative spirit to animate the thoughts and feelings that come with our experiences. Theatre training helps participants connect with each other by encouraging more effective communication through more liberated self-expression.

Saturday March 13, 2010
Button Factory
Free to Pat the Dog members
$50 non-members

Conducted by Heather Majaury.

You will:

  • Learn about the Theatre of the Oppressed system of play creation
  • Experience exercises, game and techniques including:
    • Newspaper Theatre
    • Image Theatre
    • Forum Theatre
    • Cops in the Head
    • Rainbow of Desires
  • Participate in a democratized space encouraging creative collective decision making with an emphasis on problem solving
  • Share stories and view them through a powerful theatrical mirror that allows for:
    • Insightful reflection
    • Analysis that leads to powerful decision-making
    • The possibility of transformative learning
  • Carry what you learn outside the studio experience into your actual life

Note: Bring your own lunch.

To attend, RSVP to Lisa O’Connell at or call 519-886-4577.