Pat the Dog Theatre Creation is pleased to be hosting the first public readings of two news works:

Deserter by Daniel Thau-Eleff,
Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Curtis Colby – a deserter from the American military, a war resister, a husband, a Canadian citizen – is unstuck in time. He is a soldier in Iraq, a stranger in a small town in Manitoba, and his wife Jessica is expecting. Now he’s in a holding cell. How will he get out?

Read by Majdi Bou-Matar, Brad Cook, Nicholas Cumming, Gary Kirkham, and Pam Patel


This is Not a Conversation, by Dima Alansari and Itai Erdal,
Vancouver, British Columbia.

Written and Performed by Dima Alansari and Itai Erdal.
Directed by Ker Wells.

Dima and Itai are both from Jerusalem / Al Quds. Itai, the Israeli, was born and raised in the city while Dima, the Palestinian, has never set foot there.

In this new work, they will explore the conflict between their narratives and examine what is happening in their homeland, while challenging each other’s deeply ingrained values and beliefs.

Sunday, September 27, 2015
4 PM – 7 PM
Art District Gallery at Kitchener Farmer’s Market

Both readings will be followed by a conversation session with the playwrights where light refreshment will be served.

Daniel Thau-Eleff’s reading is supported by the Canada Council for the Arts and Playwrights Guild of Canada. Development has also been supported by the Manitoba Arts Council, Joseph Zuken Memorial Association and the Manitoba Association of Playwrights.