PTD is super-pumped to be involved in Night\Shift 2015 Kitchener’s nocturnal adventure festival of pop-up art and performance, placehacking and participatory creativity. We’ll be trolling the streets of downtown Kitchener exploring the intersection of the analogue and digital world and asking the question:  Lo-Fi or Hi-Fi?

The Where:

Saturday October 31, 2015
Night\Shift Playground,
Downtown Kitchener

Lo-fi is a term that encapsulates a complex phenomenon within the many and varied working processes that are integral to the creative outcomes within art, design, theatre and music today. It is an exploration that is particularly interesting to those of us working in Waterloo Region as we watch our City shift from an analogue to a digital economic base. How does this affect us socially?

Or does it?

Today the ease and use of digital technology is accepted as a given. It is interesting that as new technology is faster and more efficient, there is an increasing interest in analogue: the 16mm Cine film, the old typewriter, board games you can touch, video games like Pong.

What does this mean? Why so intrigued by old technologies?

Is it that the alchemy of the analogue is more unpredictable, less polished and perfect and therefore more alluring? Is it more authentic and intimate relationship to art? What of Impatience – the gap between expectations and experiences regarding the time involved?

Do we need it to go fast?

Our artists, costumed as Lo-Fi and Hi-Fi, along with a photographer will roam the streets and explore this question.  Participants get to choose either a Lo-Fi or Hi-Fi experience including a Lo-Fi or Hi-Fi treat from the Pumpkin Pot.  You can’t choose both.


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