William Lyon MacKenzie with Pat

William Lyon MacKenzie King with his faithful companion Pat

Pat the Dog Theatre Creation has been serving emerging and established playwrights and theatre creators in Ontario since 2006. Our non-profit organization is a member of the Playwrights’ Development Centres of Canada and supports the creative process through a series of services. We are the only playwright development centre in Ontario open to playwrights and theatre creators at all stages of their career.

We are advocates for playwrights and theatre creators‚ their work and the plays distilled from that work. Our goal is to support, encourage and champion the plays, playwrights and theatre creators we work with. We provide dramaturgical support essential to their professional development.

We are non-producing. However we do work to create an active link between the production draft of a play and a staged production. Since we are the first line of discovery of new voices writing and creating for the Canadian stage, we are an important resource and partnership for producing companies.

Our focus is on the playwright and theatre creator:

We are concerned with developing each script to its fullest potential.
We provide resources and advice to playwrights and theatre creators at all stages of their career.
We offer training and professional development assistance.
We seek to identify talent; the work itself is more important than the playwright, theatre creator’s resume or previous experience.

Our home office is located in Kitchener, at the historic Walper Hotel where we are the Walper’s first Resident Artists. We have an office in Sudbury at the Jubilee Centre to serve playwrights in Northern Ontario.

Pat the Dog is a member of the Playwrights Guild of Canada, the Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas and the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres.