What is the Predella Project all about?
The Predella Project is an experiment in developing excellent writers. The project is designed to encourage highly effective, individually tailored writing practices.

The project isbased on the idea that how we work affects what we make. By combining social practice and work practice, Predella seeks to make participants into the best artists they can be and develop practices any artist can use.

Why is it called the Predella Project?
The Predella Project is based on the principle that by structuring day-to-day practice we can create the foundation for transformative artistic work. The word “predella” refers to the base of an altar as well as to the paintings often found on it. Predella is both a piece of art in itself and the structure that supports it.

How much does it cost to participate?
There is no fee to participate in the Predella Project. However, we have a limited number of positions available.

How can I learn more?
As the project develops, more will be posted on this website. You can also contact Erica Robinson at predella@patthedog.org.