Lara-and-Cora-readingsReadings of Blind Nickel Pig by Lara Bradley and Aftercare by Cora Eckert

On Tuesday, January 22, 2013, Pat the Dog gave the first readings of Lara Bradley’s Blind Nickel Pig and Cora Eckert’s Aftercare—a first for these emerging, talented playwrights! A full day of speak-easy talk, heart, humanity (and kinkiness). Of course the coldest date in Sudbury’s history since 1976 happened on our reading workshop day, but hey, everyone came out and bundled up. Huddled in the lovely Sudbury Theatre Centre lounge, we read and listened and offered awesome feedback. What better way to beat that -30C chill? We’re really excited to not only bring these youthful voices out into the world, but to support the already burgeoning theatre ecology in Sudbury. Chilly weather doesn’t mean a thing to these people: they’ll throw on a parka and jump right into the arts. Pft, winter you got nothing on us.

Thank you to Matt Heiti—wonderful as always—for his coordination efforts. Thank you to our fantastic actors (hope you didn’t catch a cold): Scott McDougall, Cal Rodya (Encore Theatre), Nat Ellis, Cora Eckert, Pat O’Hearn, Ron Tough, Anita Ansaama, Marie Josée Dionne, and Carina Gaspar.

And don’t forget to keep an eye out for Smelter, our first annual playwrights week in Sudbury (happening in bright, sun-shiny May. No parkas needed.).