The southern most Northern city in Ontario, Sudbury is an insanely creative, happening place. It’s full of talented playwrights, professional and edgy theatre companies and people who are excited about the arts. The work is incredible, thought-provoking, and intriguing. It’s good. We like these people.

We’re proud to partner up with Sudbury’s talented playwrights, artists, and theatres including Sudbury Theatre Centre (STC) and Encore Theatre.

Matthew Heiti, one of our dramaturgical associates and gifted playwrights, runs the Playwrights’ Junction in Sudbury—the first English playwrights’ lab of its kind in Sudbury. Despite the chilly -30C weather, everyone was very excited about our January 2013 readings of Lara Bradley’s Blind Nickel Pig and Cora Eckert’s Aftercare. We’re excited to hold more of these, and in fact coming up in May 2013 we have PlaySmelter: Pat the Dog’s first annual playwrights week where plays and theatre projects created in the North will be presented to the community. It’s a first for English Theatre in Northern Ontario.

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