We’re delighted to announce we’ve partnered with The Games Institute at the University of Waterloo on Text+Tech II, a joint exploration that will investigate the intersection between story creation, digital design and user interactivity.
This initiative follows both organizations keen interest in the intersection between story, design and interactivity. It is intended for all arts practitioners – artists, engineers and designers – to have access to tools, research, and space in which to practice, discover and share. The project is currently in the design phase.
“How we tell stories and how we receive those stories are changing rapidly. Creators need access to tools, research and space to be globally competitive.” Says O’Connell. Neil Randall, Director of The Games Institute asserts, “Games have long been at the forefront of the relationship between story and technology, and game designers continue to explore how best to use technology to define and drive narrative. Text + Tech II offers interactive storytellers an opportunity to foster new connections and explore the potential for new forms of storytelling.
Text + Tech II will be led by Project Designer Erica Robinson. An award-winning filmmaker and writer, Robinson designed and built an interactive tour of a Quantum Physics Lab for The Games Institute and the Institute for Quantum Computing in 2015. She was a member of the inaugural Copycat Academy at Toronto’s Luminato Festival and part of the Communitech Women’s Entrepreneur Bootcamp working for an interactive narrative startup in 2014. Erica began her career at Pat the Dog as an Artistic Associate in 2011

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