It’s that time of year again!

Are you a female-identified storyteller living in or around the Waterloo Region?

Pat the Dog and Sonderlust want to hear from you!

The Women’s Room is the first and only female playwrights unit in the Waterloo Region. It is a collaboration between Sonderlust and Pat the Dog Theatre Creation, and was created as a response to a study by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives that found the Waterloo Region to be the worst place in Canada to live & work as a woman.

You can read more about The Women’s Room and our 2017 participants here.

As our 2017 creators enter their second season of play development, we’re excited to call for an additional 7 storytellers with 7 new ideas to bring to our 2018 Women’s Room table.

Whether you’re an emerging theatre creator, an established playwright or a creative individual with a story to tell and a desire to delve into a new form, reach out to us in whatever way you see fit by Friday, October 13th, 2017 with:

  1. an introduction: Who are you?
  2. an idea: What is it you want to tell?
  3. a reason: Why is The Women’s Room the right place for you to develop your idea?

Season One of The Women’s Room 2018 will run from November 2017-April 2018. Meetings will be held every other Wednesday from 7pm-10pm at Pat the Dog’s offices in Kitchener, beginning November 1st.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

The Women’s Room is facilitated by:
Lisa O’Connell ( and Nicole Smith (
Both/either can be reached via e-mail.