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Daniel Thau-Eleff
September 24, 2015

Daniel Thau-Eleff is a playwright and performer whose plays include Good People Bad Things, King’s Park, Remember the Night and Three…

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Playwright Q&A: Bev Cooper
July 4, 2014

Beverley’s writing for theatre includes Thin Ice (co-written with Banuta Rubess– Dora/Chalmer’s Awards), Clue in the Fast Lane (co-written with Ann-Marie…

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Playwright Q&A: Emil Sher
June 30, 2013

Emil Sher has written for young audiences and the once-were-young. His stage works include Derailed, Bluenose, Beneath the Banyan Tree, Mourning…

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Q&A with Kyle Capstick, our 2012 24-Hour Contest Winner
February 2, 2013

Kyle Capstick is an emerging playwright and graduate of Cape Breton University whose plays have been produced across Nova Scotia. Shortly…

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In Conversation with: Erin Shields
August 31, 2012

Erin Shields won the 2011 Governor General’s Award for her play If We Were Birds. Her first play, If We Were…

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Allie Bell on Neighbours
March 22, 2012

Allie Bell is an emerging playwright, with a passion for the disturbed. Her fingers dance across the keyboard producing the worse…

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Evan Tsitsias on Aftershock
September 1, 2010

Pat the Dog speaks with playwright Evan Tsitsias about his recent production, Aftershock. Aftershock was originally written in 2009 as part…

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Artistic Director Q&A: Ken Cameron
March 22, 2010

Ken Cameron is the Artistic Director of the Magnetic North Theatre Festival, a national festival showcasing exceptional new Canadian work, co-presented…

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Workshop: Johnny Trinh – Sometimes Y
January 4, 2010

Sometimes Y Setting: Downtown Toronto Sometimes Y is about two men in love, continually orbiting the same relationship, but rarely finding…

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Workshop: Evan Tsitsias – Strange Mary Strange
November 30, 2009

Strange Mary Strange November, 2009 The Button Factory Setting: Inside an airplane cabin. The piece explores a woman’s struggle to shake…

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Profile: Vern Thiessen
June 22, 2009

Vern Thiessen is one of Canada’s most produced playwrights. He has written for stage, radio and television. His stage plays have…

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